Saturday, September 29, 2012

still experimenting & happy stuff

not too pretty but it's a start
one of my goals in life is to do visual journaling. i have always loved to see drawings done in ink and watercolor. well, i found a blog where her lettering and drawings are wonderful!  so i signed up for one of her online classes, "letter lab". there's a thing i do in my composition notebooks where i list "happy stuff" on random days. i try to write the title "happy stuff" with different designs or in a different lettering style. my creativity in this department goes only so far. i thought this class would be good for me and i was right. i went out and bought some watercolor pencils, a watercolor brush that you actually put water in the handle, and a small multi media book. i need to practice, practice, and practice more! the watercolor thing is still new to me and proving to be a little more difficult than i want it to be.

as i was looking through my current composition book, i realized i haven't been writing my happy lists. i started doing them to be mindful of what i have to be grateful for and to force myself to find things to appreciate even on those mediocre days.

on sept 26th i planned to do one of those photo an hour days but that didn't happen. i did make some yummy korean food. i tried to eat the noodles with those chop sticks, ugh so sad. it makes me a little embarrassed that i'm asian and can't do it.

today's happy stuff:
     *  passing ACLS re certification class
     *  getting a free lunch during that class
     *  a quiet, relaxing saturday evening at home
     *  the awesome smell of washing a load of laundry
     *  being on the phone with my oldest while she explored the new fresh market store in her neighborhood,
she was having too much fun in there :)

jap chae; bean sprouts; kimchi; cucumber kimchi, & white rice!

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  1. hi angela! your lettering looks fantastic!! i love your idea of using it for your "happy stuff".....and before you know it, you'll have a notebook filled with happy letters, too! thanks so much for sharing your artwork on your blog (and many hugs for the linky love, too!!). i'm wishing you continued success with all your practice! xox