Sunday, September 2, 2012

finding happiness

i love seeing pictures of random things that look like a happy face formed. like when you can see a face in a potato chip or a smile in some floral arrangement.

i realize that as i walk in my neighborhood i spend most of the time looking at my feet. some of the sidewalks are made of brick and a lot of the walk is uneven due to tree roots and what not. so since i am accident prone, i guess i want to make sure i don't fall. however, i miss out on the beauty around me and i think i miss out on opportunities to see a smiley face in a random area.

not too long ago i wanted to make mashed potatoes so i peeled some potatoes and voila! a happy face appeared in the peel stuck to the inside of the trash can.
maybe i'm being silly, but it made me happy :)
do you see it too?

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