Tuesday, August 14, 2012

oops i did it again...

(in my brittany spears voice)
oh baby, baby
i tried something else new!

unfinished and messy 

i signed up for a weekend class at the richmond visual arts center called "crashcourse in watercolors". christopher wynn was the instructor. http://www.wynncreative.com/wynncreative/Home.html
he is featured in the summer issue of the american artist watercolor magazine. i love that he quit his job and sold everything he owned to travel for almost a year. what a great thing to do in life. there's so much to see out there. anyway, he made a joke in class of how i planned to go back to oil painting after class was over. it is a difficult medium to work with. when i started i attacked the paper as if i was painting with oils. big mistake! i wish i'd taken a picture of the first attempt. i was able to recover somewhat. but when i say i overworked that paper, i overworked it! i didn't finish this piece, don't know if i will. but i do have some expensive watercolor paper left so i will try again.

it was a fun class. a little rushed. but it was called "crash course" right? i actually learned a lot! i love seeing journals and sketchbooks with little watercolor drawings in them. i'm really happy i finally tried it. i bought some cheap brushes so it was frustrating seeing so many little brush hairs all over my painting.

so as i was getting in my car once class was finished, i realized i had my camera with me and regret that i didn't ask to take a picture with mr. wynn. i've never met an artist who was featured in a magazine before. i tried to find that issue in the barnes & noble there but couldn't find it. i could have asked for his autograph :)

so what will i try next? i've never done ceramics or sculpture. we shall see. i've decided not to take classes at the university this semester. my student loans are outrageous already. i don't need to add more to it right now. but i will continue to learn and experiment and practice and stay involved somehow. so for the upcoming fall and winter, i will:
     -sign up for another artistic crash course or workshop
     -visit a local drawing group meeting & maybe join them
          i know of 2 in the area that meets every tuesday
     -finish the sewing projects i wanted to do, especially the apron
     -take lots of pictures of baxter to use as a subject for my next oil painting
     -and paint that picture of baxter!

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