Monday, July 26, 2010

favorite art:

some of my favorite artists in random order:

1. andy warhol
2. john singer sargent
3. wayne thiebaud
4. edward hopper
5. frida kahlo
6. vincent van gogh
7. frank lloyd wright
8. mark rothko
9. gregory colbert
10. kathe kollwitz
11. banksy
12. ray richardson

just thinking about their art and their lives inspires me. last week i visited the chrysler museum in norfolk and saturday i took a road trip to d.c. where i did a quick tour of the national portrait gallery and american art museum. (i really went to d.c. to eat at ping pong dim sum) i do miss studying art. it's been a while since i've looked through or read any of the many art books i own. i think i will take a look now, i just might draw something :)

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