Saturday, July 3, 2010

eating with chopsticks...

is not easy! i'm a little embarrassed about it because i am half asian! i grew up with a korean mother who only eats with chopsticks!!! anyway, about a month ago i went to a sushi spot and had lunch. i was alone & figured i'd entertain myself by attempting to eat with chopsticks & i tried it left handed. i am right handed. i giggled through my lunch but when i finished i realized i did pretty good. so tuesday i went to richmond to pick up my oldest daughter & we ate at one of my favorite spots "noodles & co." i ate with my left hand but they have these neat little plastic "helper" pieces that you put on the top of your chopsticks. they are meant for kids but who cares. i needed help!
so simple things make me happy. you may think this is all so silly but i feel like i've accomplished something :) i went to another sushi spot for dinner tonight with the hubby. i tried to use the chopsticks with my right hand & it just didn't feel right. i still need a lot of practice. i'm mad he uses chopsticks like he's an asian! he was showing off when i commented on how good he was with them so i called him mr. miyagi and told him "why don't you go catch a fly with those things". corny i know. i try to be funny :)
i own a dozen or so pairs of chopsticks. i plan to practice more. i want to be able to eat everything with chopsticks!

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