Monday, March 11, 2013

a little sunday fun

i really enjoy making these name tags for gifts. 
it's funny how i can look at those cards and see all of my mistakes and imperfections. i'm always complaining that i'm not creative enough. i just need to practice. i have so many books on being creative (and no, i haven't finished any of them yet). i finally realized that it's not that i'm not creative, i don't practice! i give up and i don't allow myself to make mistakes.
i need to correct my vision. there was a time where i did art full time and i was able to see differently. i was always seeing spatial relationships, colors, tonal values, negative space, etc. i don't know when i lost it but i really want to find it again. i miss it. i think it came before because i was always drawing, i was engaged and passionate about it so i guess it was natural. it's like riding a bike, right? :)

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