Saturday, July 21, 2012

hiking is for the birds...i wish i was a bird that day

the cascades, somewhere near Virginia Tech University

went on a hike and thought i was going to die! it was a 2 mile trail on rocks and dirt requiring stepping over other rocks and tree branches, etc. up and down. down and up. some slippery close calls and lots of sweat! it was pretty awesome. we chose the more scenic trail but i was too busy watching my step! my heart was racing. i was short of breath. i wanted to be a bird so i could spread my wings and fly :) once i got to the rock that had an engraving letting me know i only had 1/4 mile to go, i really didn't think i could do it. i was so exhausted. but to my surprise, it actually got easier. the trail didn't get any easier, my tolerance improved. my breathing was better, i don't know, i was just more comfortable. it was a great accomplishment! it was funny when i saw i was almost there, i slipped and fell right on my butt. my butt didn't hurt but the next day, my ankles, knees, hips, shins, and calves were sooooooo sore and achy! we took the alternate route away from the falls, apparently it was all incline on this one because it was basically a flat decline all the way back. actually a big relief, don't know if i could have tolerated another hike like the first 2 miles :)

i still can't believe i did it! look at that trail! crazy!

absolutely beautiful

virginia tech

my daughter, the middle child, will be starting virginia tech in the fall studying animal science. she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and we took this road trip for her orientation. the parents were invited to stay in one of the dorms (not for free of course). i've never lived in a dorm before and always wondered if i missed out on something in my younger years. no big deal. of course the experience of one night as an adult will never compare to a youngin's first adventure away from home :)

so if "go on a hike" was on my bucket list, i could mark that one off now (don't think it is tho). but i did it and i am happy about it!

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