Saturday, January 28, 2012

it's all about the process...right?

i am enrolled in 2 classes this semester. i felt i needed a freshen up on my drawing & painting skills. i was a little nervous. well, in the drawing class, we were given an assignment to draw 16 different views of a paper bag. then we were to take 2 of those drawings and morph them together into a composition. what? i told myself that i don't know how to draw what i don't see. my problem was that i was not looking. i forgot how to see! negative spaces, contour lines, angles, relationships, value, perspective, oh my! it was all so intimidating. i struggled.
 i struggled some more and ended up just doing anything, just to have something to turn in. i'd never use conte' crayons before. i suppose it's like charcoal but geez. i was not happy with my results. i thought it was dumb. i didn't like the assignment. it was so frustrating!
i turned it in. i got to see my creation up against my classmates. i was so disappointed in myself. then my instructor shows off his creation. he is a portrait artist and the 2 bags he morphed together actually looked like a female figure! he gave us a second chance and voila!
i don't know what it is but i decided to let it go and just have fun with it. i was excited and while i was drawing i went into my "zone". that feeling i get that i love so much when i get involved in creating something. i really don't know how to explain it but i assume it's when i access the right side of my brain.

this was a great reminder for myself to relax and enjoy the process!

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